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Predator hunting like never seen before! Join the Ultimate Predator Team across Texas on some of the best night hunting ever filmed. From heart-pounding coyotes to hard-charging bobcats, "Ultimate Predator" has it all. Packed with tips and practical information, this logical approach to varmint hunting will help both the beginner and seasoned pro put more fur on the ground! Watch and learn as the guys take an in-depth look into bobcat behavior with some of the most unbelievable cat footage ever taken. This action-packed instructional video is without a doubt a "must have" night hunting experience. Enjoy over 40 intense hunts, including 15 bobcats, coyotes, and even rare footage of a ringtail cat responding to a call. For night hunting at its best, join the team on their endless quest across the state in search of the "ULTIMATE PREDATOR".